Knuckleboom Trucks and Other Utility Trucks

Most of you have probably been pulled over or directed otherwise by a utility worker because a knuckle boom truck is passing by. This technology includes the most advanced technology for non conductivity, better control, and ease of use. Modern truck technology has greater protection against falls, electrocution and other fatal incidences potentially ready to happen. The benefits of used knuckle boom trucks are endless. This explains their increased demand in the market. Knuckle boom comes from the crane on top of a truck. It looks like your standard crane, but it has a distinctive boom bending in the middle that looks like a finger`s knuckle. It folds down to a compact size but at the same time extends a long way when open. The benefits that accrue from using a knuckle boom crane on a truck are quite vast. First of all, it offers an increased payload. This is because the knuckle is light and compact. This gives a big room for a big payload. It also contains a horizontal extension which enables it, at a lower overall height reach longer distances. This gives it low profile. Jobs that once required a telescopic crane now are done with an articulated crane. The knuckle boom has increased this in the past ten years. Knuckle boom technology is very efficient. It contains a precise control capability to operators. This way, loads can be placed precisely where they are meant to be; may it be on higher floors of buildings, on rooftops or even on the ground. Knuckle boom cranes are also known to be maneuvered around obstacles with a lot of ease in a building site. Operating a knuckle boom is quite similar to operating a standard crane only that the boom articulates at the `knuckle` near the middle. Kind of like a finger. It provides a compact size for maneuvering and storage. Its arms are way lighter than boom truck cranes. The cranes come in different types of control systems ranging from seat control, stand up, control from the ground or a radio remote control. This is where it becomes interesting. The cranes can be controlled by a remote controller. You can start the crane as well as run it using this remote control. Popular brands include Palfinger, Effer, HMF, Fassi, Aselkon and Hiab. For this article, I would recommend HIAB knuckle boom cranes. In their own words,
•    Save time using a reliable Hiab crane for job site deliveries
•    Be more productive and reduce costs by delivering more product with fewer trucks
•    Purchase with confidence as HIAB has the highest resale value in the market
•    Total coverage with the strongest truck mounted crane sales and service network in Canada.
So if you are looking to buy a knuckle boom crane, HIAB Boom truck are the guys to call. They have the latest models and friendly employees. You can make orders, inquiries, suggestions through the email or you can also reach them through the number 1 888 799 4422.

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